Trung-Hoang Le (Lê Trung Hoàng)
Singapore Management University
Research Scientist
SMU School of Computing and Information Systems
email: thle.2017 AT
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2023-03-13: Started Research Scientist@Preferred.AI
2022-12-16: Tutorial accepted at TheWebConf-23 (also known as WWW-23), titled "Multi-Modal Recommender Systems: Towards Addressing Sparsity, Comparability, and Explainability"
2022-11-29: Dissertation Defense, titled "Mining Product Textual Data for Recommendation Explanations"
2022-10-25: Paper accepted at IEEE BigData 2022, titled "Question Attentive Review-Level Recommendation Explanation"
2022-04-14: Teaching Assistant for SMU CS608 Recommender Systems (MITB)
2022-01-17: Attended Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS) 2022
2022-01-10: Teaching Assistant for SMU COR-IS1702 Computational Thinking
2021-11-22: Released 4EAZ - An app to help you manage your workplace (retail or servicing).
2021-08-16: Awarded the AY2020-21 SCIS Dean's List in recorgnition of significant research achievements
2021-08-03: Passed Dissertation Proposal, titled "Mining Product Textual Data for Recommendation Explanations"
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Question-Attentive Review-Level Recommendation Explanation
Trung-Hoang Le and Hady W. Lauw
IEEE Conference on Big Data (BigData'22), Dec 2022.
Explainable Recommendation with Comparative Constraints on Product Aspects
Trung-Hoang Le and Hady W. Lauw
ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM'21), Mar 2021.
Synthesizing Aspect-Driven Recommendation Explanations from Reviews
Trung-Hoang Le and Hady W. Lauw
International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI'20), Jul 2020. Distinguished Paper Award